Big Show Signs

• Overall: 45″ x 24″
• Two-Sided
• Sign Area: 24″ x 36″
• Stand Included

Note: Sand or water can be added for stability

Product #0-100A

Product #0-100B

Product #0-100C

Product #0-100D

Product #0-100E

Interchangeable Election Day Signs

Our interchangable voting signs and stands are lightweight and compact (less than 2lbs.). These signs are made of rust-proof corrugated plastic. Signs have a large face – 22″ x 14″ and have a unique velcro attachment and removal system. All signs are of the highest quality and are all “silk screened”. No decals or stick on lettering. Signs cannot “run” or wash off!!

• Lightweight, Compact
• Rain and Rust-proof Corrugated Plastic
• Large Sign Face 22″ x 14″
• Silk Screen Lettering and Artwork

Note: Stand is sold separately for each sign.

Enter (Arrow)
Order No. 0-32/Enter

Exit (Arrow)
Order No. 0-31/Exit

Vote Here(English/Spanish)
Order No. 0-36

Votacion Temprana(Arrow)
Order No.
0-43/Votacion Temprana

Handicap Access(Arrow)
Order No.
0-30/Handicap Access

Vote Here (Arrow)
Order No. 0-41/Vote Here

Early Voting (Arrow)
Order No. 0-42/Early Voting

Vote Here (with Flag)
Order No. 0-25

Early Voting Here (with Flag)
Order No. 0-39

Vote Here PCT No. 2
Order No. 0-27

Handicap Parking (Left Arrow)
Order No. 0-48
Red Arrow (sold separately)
Order No. 0-23

Voter Parking (Handicap)
Order No. 0-21

Van Accessible Parking(Handicap)
Order No. 0-38

Curbside Voting(Handicap)
Order No. 0-40

Register to Vote Here
Order No. 0-20

Election Day Parking Only
Order No. 0-29

Curbside Voting Only
Order No. 0-34

Poll Distance Marker
Order No. 0-28

Turn Off Cell Phones
Order No. 0-44

News Media Area
Order No. 0-45

Limit Time in Booth
Order No. 0-46

Vote Right Arrow
Order No. 0-23

Voting Has Moved
Order No. 0-33

Metal Sign Stand
Order No. 0-52

Restroom Closed
Order No. 0-47

No Parking Election Supply
Order No. 0-50

Bilingual Customizable

Product #0-49

Product #0-53

Product #0-54

Product #0-55

Product #0-56

County Customizable

Sign Carrier With Handle
Product #0-24

Voting Sign Stand
Product #0-26 (1 side velcro)
Product #0-26 (2 side velcro)

Ballast Bag
Product #0-35